The Rights Of Passenger Travelling With A Taxi Company In Reading

When you’re using taxis, it’s important to understand your rights as a passenger to ensure your ride is safe and comfortable. According to the professionals at Taxi company Reading, familiarizing yourself with local ordinances will help hold taxi services to the standards they are required to uphold. Serving residents throughout Reading, the private cab company offers a broad range of reliable, efficient services, including airport transportation and chauffeured rides. Below, the taxi company discusses everything you need to know about the right of taxi passengers.

  • Licensed Driver: From the backseat of the taxi, you should be able to see the driver’s identification card. Every taxi driver at Taxi company Reading should have a valid license and a clean driving and criminal record, as well as knowledge of the streets they regularly navigate and the local taxicab laws.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Whether you choose to pay with cash or a credit card, the taxi driver must accept either method of payment. However, they do not have to accept personal checks or large bills, such as $50 or $100. They must also provide a receipt upon request.
  • View of the Meter: As a taxicab passenger, you have the right to be able to see the meter at all times. The meter should begin running at the minimum pickup fee no earlier than the start of the trip, and you must also be told if the meter is broken before the ride begins.
Whether you need a quick ride to work or transportation to the airport, you can count on Taxi company Reading like Airport Travels Reading for reliable service. These experts will go above and beyond to ensure your rights as a passenger are respected and that your journey is safe and comfortable.